「NICE LINKS」,as an open platform, is designed to gather around the world's excellent websites to explore the wider world of the Internet; Here, you can easily find, learn, and share more useful or interesting things.

Explore a wider world for you

In the information world, massive messages may make you worry about missing her at a loss; efforts to learn at the same time, it may miss more;「NICE LINKS」, that is for you to solve this kind of problem; here, you can browse all kinds of global crystallization of wisdom; rich vision at the same time, can be marked or share your love of the site, which can also provide reference for more people to dig the message.

Share, for your favorite websites.

In today's information age, even small individuals have their own brands. However, the individual is his own. 「NICE LINKS」 as an open platform, encourage you to create your personal brand, brand your own style, speak for yourself and make your voice; If you have already done so, you can share it here, let more people know, and benefit from it. Of course, you can also share other interesting sites that you enjoy, so that your insights can benefit more people.

Last Updated: 6/24/2019, 11:21:10 PM